Let's Build and Validate your Solutions

Our Quality Approach

Our Team Consists Of Experienced Software Strategists, Designers. iOS & Android Experts.

Customer Centricity

For us, our customers are the purpose of our doing business. We measure our own success based on our customers achievements. We are not just another vendor – we consider our customers as our partners in the path for our success.


More clients have relied on our expertise benefited from our trusted services. As technology advances through the years, we have adopted new technology and reliably leveraged our customers with the best solutions.

Quality In Service

Our success rate is high due to the quality of services that we have been able to provide our clients. Our business model relies on satisfied customers and in building a growing partnership with those customers for a long time.

Assurance Service In Software Testing (ASSIST)

An Independent Validation and Testing services from SISAR. Helps to reduce software development efforts, lower maintenance cost and achieve faster time to market. Business advances driven by software innovation have led to increasingly higher intensities of digitization at the individual level.

Managed Application Services (MAS)

We at SISAR understand your unique business and process needs; we develop solutions tailored to meet your requirements. We design models based on our experience across multiple projects, incorporating industry-wide best practices.


A comprehensive communication and administration management solution

SISAR Communication and Administration management solution – the Smartest Way to manage your educational institutions, schools and colleges administration, communication and day to day tasks.

Top Features

Multi-way communication

Communicate with school / parents / staff via direct message or in group

Transport module

Our real time school bus / commute tracking system can be viewed in web & mobile.

Attendance module

Track the daily attendance of the students / staff integrated with their id card.


Store & share those memorable pictures and video with out multimedia gallery.

Smart calendar

Integrate with your personal calendar via mobile or web. Displays events, examination and dues in the calendar.

Data security

Keep your data private, secure, and backed up. Firewalled, encrypted, password-protected, actively monitored.

Our Services


We see ourselves not only as a provider of top quality measurement technology, but also as a highly competent partner that is able to create individually designed solutions together with you.


Our software tools and products implement object-oriented design and programming. We regularly update our tools and technologies to the most modern and latest upgrades that are available on the market.


Simple is beauty and this is what we love to do. We have a vibrant team of intellectually-driven. Designs, we are both experienced at devising the designs that communicate your ideas to your people with ease.

Our Clients

SISAR work closely with a wide variety of clients from different type of sectors and regions.

It's time to craft brilliance together!

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Buitenplein 5, 1181 ZB, Noord-Holland, Amstelveen, Netherlands.

+31 (0)20 8226741


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