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Cloud computing services

Conquer multi-cloud complexity through automation and continuous innovation.

Data and security

Encryption, data masking or tokenization, we solve your data security needs across its lifecycle.

Software testing services

Quality engineering services, a comprehensive approach towards software and application quality.

Software testing

Application development

Modernize and secure your application environment with our end-to-end application services.

Application development



Internet Of Things

Adopt and monetize IoT capabilities to offer new data-rich services.

Custom Development

Innovative custom build applications to realize your vision at scale.

HR Services

Reshape employee experience to attract and retain top professionals.

IT Consulting

Create a comprehensive IT strategy and implement the latest technologies.

Fastest growing companies in the Netherlands for 2023

FD Gazellen Award 2023
FD Gazellen

SISAR has been recognized by HET Financieele Dagblad as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands for 2023.

FD Gazellen

HET Financieele Dagblad

Embrace innovation with our expertise

Making Ideas Possible

Thrive in a dynamic environment, where we bring in technological advances that accelerates your digital transformation.

Making ideas possible. Combining expertise and business intelligence to catalyse change.


Design, Implement & Manage solutions with Agility, governance, security and compliance.


Reduce software development efforts, lower maintenance cost and achieve faster time to market.

Our Process
We understand your unique business model and its process when designing solutions to your needs.

The purpose of our solutions is to revolutionize how productivity is enhanced in an organization with security, reliability, and scalability. Our unrivaled initiative to continuous research and our enduring effort to process enhancement; enable us to provide future-centric applications to clients.

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