GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World​

SISAR immersed itself in the world of technology and startups at the renowned GITEX GLOBAL event.​


GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World:

Participating in GITEX GLOBAL, the world's largest tech and startup show, was a transformative experience for SISAR. This event was a global hub for cutting-edge technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our team had the opportunity to witness groundbreaking technologies across various sectors, from artificial intelligence to blockchain. GITEX GLOBAL provided a platform for networking with tech giants, industry leaders, and fellow innovators. SISAR gained invaluable insights into the latest trends, emerging startups, and disruptive technologies shaping the future.

Thinkwise summit!

Application Services Amsterdams Netherlands

Thinkwisesummit provided a platform for SISAR to empower ideas and foster innovation. The event catalyzed our commitment to intelligent solutions that redefine industries.

Empowering Ideas at Thinkwise summit!


Thinkwisesummit was a thought-provoking event that empowered SISAR with new ideas and perspectives.


The summit gathered thought leaders, visionaries, and innovators who shared their insights on digital transformation to sustainability. Our team actively engaged in discussions that ignited our creative sparks and strategic thinking.

The event catalyzed redefining our approach to intelligent solutions. We explored novel concepts, emerging technologies, and innovative strategies that promise to reshape industries. SISAR was inspired to take our commitment to innovation to new heights.

Low-code development

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo


SISAR fortified its stance on cybersecurity and cloud technologies and delved into the latest security trends and innovations at this expo.

Securing the Future at Cyber Security & Cloud Expo!

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo was pivotal for SISAR as it deepened our understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape. We explored the latest advancements in security solutions, cloud technologies, and data protection measures. The expo presented a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities in the digital realm.

Our team engaged in insightful discussions on threat mitigation, compliance, and adopting secure cloud infrastructures. The event equipped SISAR with the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with robust and resilient security solutions.​

Elevating Businesses as Salesforce Partners!

SISAR enhanced businesses' operations and customer experiences as a trusted Salesforce partner. We connected with industry leaders, shared success stories, and strengthened our commitment to transformative CRM solutions.

Startup Tenkasi


SISAR fortified its stance on cybersecurity and cloud technologieSISAR celebrated innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at Startup Tenkasi, supporting and nurturing startups on their journey. s and delved into the latest security trends and innovations at this expo.

Nurturing Startups at Startup Tenkasi!

Startup Tenkasi, held in the vibrant city of Coimbatore, celebrated innovation, entrepreneurship, and community building. SISAR actively participated in nurturing and supporting startups on their journey to success within the dynamic Coimbatore startup ecosystem.


The experience at Startup Tenkasi in Coimbatore left a lasting impact on SISAR, reinforcing our commitment to supporting and catalyzing entrepreneurship in the region.

The event provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and grow, fostering an environment of collaboration and idea exchange. Our team, alongside fellow industry experts, offered guidance and mentorship to emerging talents. We shared valuable insights on business development, funding strategies, and the critical importance of innovation in the competitive startup landscape.

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