Low-code platform – Introduction to low-code development services

Low-code development services in Netherlands

Low-code platform is a visual modeling tool that helps to develop applications faster with minimal coding. It automates workflow in building applications. More specifically, low-code platform eliminates writing tons of coding and replaces the need to spend time writing custom codes.

Low-code development services in Netherlands

At SISAR BV, we combine this technology with other advanced tools with more user-friendly features to deliver effective output. Before we go to the benefits of low-code, let’s start with what is low-code first and why a low-code platform is an important tool nowadays.

What is Low-code?

Low-code is a development platform that eliminates using complex programming languages and coding by employing simple visual interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities and basic logic operations.

In simple words, a Low-code platform is a collection of easy-to-use tools that enable us to develop applications visually through modeling and a graphical interface. Low code enables developers to speed up the process of moving an application to production and also, low code enables us to skip hand-coding.

Some pre-built features are the backend of a low-code development framework that is utilized with lower development effort to build and deploy applications.

Is low code easy to handle?

Learning low-code development is not so hard. It can be learned easily while using visual development tools like drag-and-drop functionalities and on-screen visual guidance.

Developing applications using Low-code is not meant for completely easy to handle, but for sure, it helps to get done jobs much faster and more efficiently than hand-coding. Hard technical skills are still required to succeed on platforms like these while developing enterprise-grade applications. Over the years, low-code platforms gained traction, and more business organizations learned about its benefits and features over traditional code programming practices.

Future of low-code

Being a long-term career, Low-code programming is a good opportunity for software and application developers. Soon, the traditional practice of code programming and software development will come to end finished or extremely reduced soon. Demand for application development using low-code platform will become much higher than now and it will be no longer sustainable for software and application development traditionally.

The strategy of low code is to reduce the amount of custom code programming required to develop an application. These include application development by using drag-and-drop interfaces, reusable code templates, software development kits (SDKs), and process modeling in the software development process.

Is low code a threat?

Low code helps non-technical creators to develop digital products and software applications. Low-code technology itself has no threat to the software development world rather than those who depend on traditional programming and software development as their career.

Why low-code is important nowadays?

In former times, people had to walk for a couple of days to travel around. As time goes by, people nowadays shortened their travel time with the help of new innovations and modern technologies like motor vehicles, sea transports, aircraft as well as spaceships.

The same as in the beginning, developers used to program by writing codes to develop software and applications that consumed more time, and now to save time low-code platform was introduced in the year 2014.

Since then, the low-code development platform made a huge impact in the software development and programming world.

Now, let’s see what are the features and benefits of the low-code development platforms.

Benefits and features of low-code development platform

As of 2019, the global low-code development platform market value was USD $10.3 billion and in 2021, the size of the global low-code development tool platform market is valued at USD $16 Billion and the same is forecasted to be USD $187 billion by 2030; growing at a CAGR of 28.8%. Moreover, according to Gartner, 75% of software and application development would be using low-code platforms by 2025. The reason behind this mass move is:

  • Enhanced speed in deployment
  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • Minimal coding
  • 50% faster than traditional development
  • Increased productivity
  • Empower developers
  • Ease of use
  • Cost saving
  • Governance tools
  • Enhance security

In addition to the above features and benefits, SISAR BV adds more reliability to low-code platform usage. All that works with advanced tools and an effective workforce.

Some example tools that provide low code platform

Well, you understood what is low-code development.  Also, you became familiar with what are the benefits and features of low-code platforms. Now, we have come up with how SISAR BV enhances the process of low-code application development. We tackle it with more advanced low-code tools to help implement rich and better customer experiences.

Now, let’s see some tools such as drag and drop interfaces. These tools allow software programmers as well as web and application developers to create sites more customizable for multiple view-ports and devices from a single tool platform.

Some of the low code application examples include Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Sketchware, Hubspot CMS, Appy pie, Bubble, Salesforce, and Weebly.

At SISAR BV, we provide dedicated end-to-end services to create applications using advanced low-code tools with the latest technology.

How many companies are using low-code platform?

While 8 out of 10 business organizations in the USA presently use low-code platforms for application development, still 20% of businesses are out there that do not. Globally, 23% of businesses are using low code for application development. As per the records of Appian, 31% of business enterprises presently using low-code have not developed or delivered any of their highest-value applications.

Low-code development services by SISAR BV

At SISAR BV, we provide solutions for business automation through various applications and services. Low-code development service is one of our primary key factors in delivering effective impact to business solutions.

Our services are intended to solve the frustration of businesses in custom software development. We evaluate the traditional processes and workout on fundamental imagination to enhance app development processes with low-code technology.

We grasp initiative to get the job done and mainly focus on the outcome. Our team takes over entire responsibility from end-to-end in all departments until the product is delivered full of satisfaction. And also to ensure all the processes are running smoothly. Our methodology in development processes always changes as time goes on. It continuously evolves along with the trend of advanced modern technology in the same way your business evolves.

To know more about low-code services and SISAR BV IT solutions and services in the Netherlands, please get in touch with us or write your queries here.

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