Data & Security


Our Data & Security strategy helps you to improve your competency and demonstrate security.

From, modernizing Data platforms to administration of holistic data, our team of experts assist in providing solutions overcoming security concerns. With innovation pacing across, sensitive data is bound to be exploited if not secured thoroughly.

Our comprehensive cloud data security and protection services can help discover where your critical data assets are stored and used, identify advanced threats, remediate and capture the incident to enhance your future data security protection. We excel in strategic advisory service, evaluation of vendors, and formulation of policies and controls, and techniques.

Data Management

We help you start with your most pressing data , pain points and business needs, then grow the system as your needs expand.

Cloud Security

Our shared responsibility model (SRSM), inducted with a multi-layered approach, designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications and data.

Application Security

Our Application security COE , detect and remediate vulnerabilities in applications before they run in a production environment.

Our Data & Security strategy helps you improve your competences and security

Modernization entails releasing data and insights hidden in the legacy landscape to create a flexible mesh of foundational services. This foundation can then be decomposed into components that can be dynamically organized in several ways and automated to deliver against an evolving context. By Providing Visibility into data and creating Custom business rules, we identify eligible content and automate migration to lower-cost storage with confidence.

Our experts work with your team and vendor partners to assess risk as well as, business and regulatory security requirements to determine the current state of cloud security. Security concerns such as data breaches, compromised credentials, hacked interface and applications, exploited system vulnerabilities puts organizations at major risk of cyber-attacks which could have long-term, devastating effects. SISAR’s Service assurance ensures that your security posture evolves ahead of the threat environment to minimize the future risk to your company.

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Internet Of Things

Adopt and monetize IoT capabilities to offer new data-rich services.

Custom Development

Innovative custom build applications to realize your vision at scale.

HR Services

Reshape employee experience to attract and retain top professionals.

IT Consulting

Create a comprehensive IT strategy and implement the latest technologies.



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