Cloud Based Business and Application Services

Cloud based application development services in Netherlands

At SISAR BV, our service approach takes your business up with our high-end cloud-based application platform and managed application services. We migrate your business applications to our cloud server. As a result, your applications are set to serve in a medium of high-end cloud computing service with high performance and added security.

Being our valuable client, you are assured that your applications are deployed and upgraded periodically, efficiently, cost-effectively, quickly, and securely. Applications that are deployed in our cloud platform are set to deliver effective and measurable output.

Cloud based application development services in Netherlands

With our end-to-end cloud service index, every segment of application processes is dealt with various operations like application development, application integration, application management, and application outsourcing.

SISAR BV – IT Services and solution

At SISAR BV, our IT services and solution are dedicated to providing enhanced performance that is affordable and cost-effective.

In today’s trend in this highly competitive society, business organizations across almost all sectors are rolling out toward IT service providers to assist them in increasing productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing performance.

With over several years of experience and as a shipshape end-to-end IT service and solution provider dealing with organizations from almost all business segments all over the world, SISAR BV comes up with world-class business IT solutions that you entail to brush up stability, add value, lower costs and enhance efficiency.

At SISAR BV, we design, build, develop, optimize, implement and manage the entire systems to respond to our client’s infrastructure needs, applications, and business processing.

Whether our clients are public or private sector organizations, or whether our clients desire to implement and run our IT solutions on their own hardware, or deploy their IT through us, SISAR BV has the expertise and competence you need to get control of the business challenges and provocations they face.

Why SISAR BV for application services?

SISAR BV helps clients build anything. You need SaaS by SISAR BV if you want to:

  • Drive business and IT altogether.
  • Control from a median console.
  • Develop enterprise applications.
  • Automate digital processes.
  • Enterprise-level features and security.
  • Work on the unified digital platform.
  • Build, develop and deploy applications in minutes.
  • Streamline the information flow throughout the whole organization.

SISAR BV application services for a product manufacturing firm

A few years back, most of our client companies used to manually manage and collaborate their day-to-day production activities in spreadsheets and some in handwritten notebooks. It is possible to go with this practice, but in case the company order flow goes beyond triple digits, the manual workflow process may not help.

This type of spreadsheet records and handwritten notebook may mislead the workflow and thereby double or triple the production time. SISAR BV came to overcome this impact with fully functioning cloud-based applications to automate the workflow and increase productivity in a short duration.

Our solution takes over and completes the entire process of workflow from the beginning to the end like:

  • Sending quotations to the clients.
  • Handling price negotiation.
  • Receiving orders from clients.
  • Responding with a proforma invoice for advance if required.
  • Internal production workflow.
  • Performa invoice, delivery challan, and invoice creations.
  • Syncing the financial documentation with the accounts.

Apart from the above production workflow, we support the entire HRM solution if required.

SISAR BV application development for education management

Our applications are intended to automate workflow in all industries as well as education management.

Many education institutions like universities, colleges, schools, etc. employ SISAR BV applications to automate workflows. It helps to enable students to propose a request to seek a course considered as a prerequisite or substitute. Students can fill out the forms hosted online publicly on their own. It is then forwarded to the concerned department and is either approved, rejected or put on pending for clarification.

A more complex workflow is academic scheduling. On day to day basis, professors and other staff members may need to new syllabus and circulars as well as sometimes make corrections to the existing ones. Each and every indent needs to come through a long process of approvals and suggestions that may take several days or weeks in form of paperwork. SISAR BV helps to automate the process of approval from everyone online and streamline the workflow for everyone.

The victory of these workflow processes was so credible that even the transportation and shipment division created a workflow for booking and reservation of buses and vans, and many other divisions are still holding back in line to come upon how they can utilize it.

Our clients will never go back to paper. Because they will find our application interface tremendously effortless to build new form submissions. Even with no coding programming framework, it will be very instinctive and easy to use. Eventually, the extreme support that comes along with SISAR BV pursues to be a huge and immense factor.

SISAR BV application development for the media industry

With the extending entanglement in media production, media chambers have been wandering for chances for digital transformation to tap and pitch the underlying prospects and potential in their business by automating processes and streamlining repetitive tasks.

To straighten out the knots in the various cultural abilities like communication, track the process flow, and preserve data ethics. At SISAR BV, we have been talking about the consequences of transformation from paper-work-based workflow to business automation.

Normally, media industries operate at various locations, all projecting their output flow towards their headquarters. Since the workflow of the media industry is time-sensitive, everything needs to be logged and reported on time, where they require a solution that facilitates the process of approvals and assigning tasks to the employees in the field from anywhere within the specified time.

SISAR BV one-stop solution

The simplicity of the application interface and the flexibility of workflow processes are imparted in a single platform. This way, our solution, and services fuel your work progress and efficiency with impressive features. We bring a robust set of application frameworks, methodologies, software assets, and industry tools. Altogether bring the best-quality customized applications for our clients. Our development team engineers are professionals and experts in a wide range of technologies, architectures, devices, and platforms including grid computing, service-oriented architecture, mobile application development, open source development, and managed application services.

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