The Smartest Way to manage your educational institutions, schools and colleges administration, communication and day to day tasks.

Communication and Administration Management System

Schools and colleges have progressed a lot in the Administration and Management pitch with the use of School Information Management systems. Those schools there were far behind in administration and communication several years back are now in the forefront of the education arena. And the credit goes to their decision to make use of School management solution. If you want to showcase your school in the frontline of education and extracurricular activities, then implement SISAR CAMS today itself.

Top Features

Cloud Enabled

The SaaS environment allows for cost cuts, time savings and improvements in scalability and accessibility.

Effective Communication

It’s easy to share messages, videos, images, and documents to selected people or to the whole community.

Behavior Analytics

It allows parents to track the behavior and learning progress of their wards accurately.

Attendance Management

The attendance management module helps in digitizing the attendance and leave management system.

Classroom Management

Sisar CAMS gives the digital content & tools to help engage students & parents.

Billing & Payment

SISAR CAMS online billing and payment functionality help in paying bills and fees in a secure environment.

Library Management

SISAR CAMS provides handy features to manage library books efficiently.

Transport Management

The location tracking facility allows in getting the exact location of the school bus fleet.

Security & Privacy

We are committed to ensuring that your information is more secure and your privacy is protected.

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