Intuitive and dynamic cloud solution to streamline management and communication, empowering organizations across industries.

CAMS Dashboard

Innnovative Cloud Solution

An organization’s success largely depends upon effective management and communication and SISAR CAMS helps with just that. CAMS is a cloud-based tool, aimed at breaking down the complex management segment into comprehensive, doable tasks while simultaneously aiding in coherent, convenient and effectual communication. CAMS is multi-faceted and versatile which is why it is equally efficient across four major industries; Education, Human Resources, Property and Transport.


Transform your Educational Institution into a paperless environment.

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To Recruit & manage human resources efficaciously

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Visualize, automate or optimise your data efficiently

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An Integrated Residential & Commercial Management Ecosystem

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Top Features


Cloud Enabled

The SaaS environment provides for cost-effectiveness, time saving and improvements in scalability and accessibility.


Effective Communication

Easily share messages, videos, images, and documents to selected people or to the whole community.


Behavior Analytics

This helps to track and analyze the behavioral pattern of an entity and determine progress accurately.

attendance management

Attendance Management

The attendance management module helps in digitizing the attendance and leave management system.

Classroom Management

Usher in technological brilliance to classrooms, making class-management efficient and productive

billing & payment

Billing & Payment

SISAR CAMS online billing and payment functionality help in paying bills and fees in a secure environment.

Library Management

Handy features to maintain and keep track of books and manage the library system efficiently.


Transport Management

Organized transport administration with route-designation, real-time tracking of fleet and much more.


Security & Privacy

We are committed to ensuring that your information is more secure and your privacy is protected.

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