Managed Application Services

Cloud Governance Made Easy

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

Providing developers and businesses a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage (Spaces), and more.

amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services

AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

GCP is a suite of public cloud computing platform, that includes a range of services for computing, storage & application development that runs on Google hardware.

What We Offer

Just A Brief Overview

We at SISAR understand your unique business and process needs; we develop solutions tailored to meet your requirements. We design models based on our experience across multiple projects, incorporating industry-wide best practices. We partner with clients to support their IT needs and strategically transform their business, which results in stable applications, up to 30% reduction in operational costs and an up-to-date application portfolio.

We understand that applications are an essential part of this landscape and have to be aligned completely with the digital strategy of the business. So does we efficiently manage the application portfolio with maximum automation, effective staffing, and seamless process implementation. This service offering encompasses application support, maintenance and overall management of application portfolios.



We facilitate you to prepare the blueprint architecture for cloud, migrate or implement applications on cloud and optimize the cloud environment for performance.



The application is the identity of your product/business. A good application should be designed to run in a serverless environment and integrate with cloud APIs than a good UI/UX. We help you do that.

Data stores

Data Stores

Most of the application level issues are due to bad data design. Our Data Sculptors will work with you to understand your business and data before designing a resilient solution on database or data warehouse for you.


24*7 Monitoring

Our dedicated support engineers will monitor database and storage 24*7 throughout the year.

Our Services

In our journey, we have acquired extensive experience as well as mature and robust processes in these software development services.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Security & Cost Optimization
  • Devops Automation

How It Works

We systematically engage with clients through incremental engagement life-cycle phases — Analysis phase,, Transition phase, Optimization phase and Transformation phase.

Analysis Phase

We strategically assesses client’s application portfolio. This assessment provides the client with a business model, a rollout strategy and an engagement model.

Transition Phase

We ensures an accelerated and risk-free transition of application support from client’s or the incumbent vendor’s team to the SISAR team.

Application Optimization Phase

Using integrated service management approach and proven service, delivery & service improvement practices, we enable our customers to save up to 30% of their operational costs.

Transformation Phase

We strategically assesses client’s application portfolio. This assessment provides the client with a business model, a rollout strategy and an engagement model.

Benefits Of Our Service

We provide cost effective IT solutions and support services. We generally work with our clients for several years and sometimes become a seamless a part of our clients business while still taking full and complete responsibility for the solutions.

Lower Cost

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO), better service-level agreement (SLA) accountability and an enhanced consumer experience through a unified service-management platform covering infrastructure, applications and processes.


Reduced response and resolution times through automation and continuous innovation.

Customer Service

Real-time visibility and increased reliability through metrics-driven service operations and real-time dashboards, providing complete transparency in the delivery of services to the customers.

Risk Free

Accelerated and risk-free transition through automation.

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