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Assurance Services in Software Testing (ASSIST), brainchild of SISAR is an Independent Validation and Testing service. An innate and significant part of software engineering life cycle, Testing typically consumes 40 to 50 percent of development efforts. But what sets a Testing as a service apart is the core ability to absorb the business context of the client, while swiftly yet assiduously probe for crucial issues, expediting the application towards its release.

ASSIST is customer-centric. Fully aware of the commendable software development efforts and the ever-raising maintenance costs, our testers with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Technology and Automated Testing, deliver with a precision and simultaneously achieve faster time-to-market. ASSIST is not just about Testing but ‘Eliminating the Common and the Uncommon glitches’ while re-enforcing reliability to our client’s products!


We provide high-quality testing services for the following types of testing:

performance testing

Performance Testing

SISAR has an effective extendable, iterative performance testing practice in place with well-defined guidelines that are integrated into the SDLC to accurately measure and monitor product performance and effect business transformation of applications using various tools like HP performance center, IBM rational performance tester.                                                                   

web testing

Web Testing

SISAR has a dedicated automation R&D lab, which provides Test automation services through established Test automation methodology and industry-leading reusable automation test framework with the liberty of portability across tools. Test automation experts implement automated test suites with a focus on long term utilization of the suites.

functional testing

Functional Testing

The expertise of SISAR lies in providing end-to-end testing solution along with reusable test assets assuring manageable costs and impeccable quality, garnering immense client satisfaction. . We use Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Supportability models to ensure test case completeness and correctness by mapping the test case requirements with all dimensions of a test.

automation testing

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a vital part of ASSIST and speaks for our expedited solution delivery to clients. Using 300+checkpoint checklist, WCAG standard Test automation methodology and industry-leading reusable automation test framework, SISAR offers end-to-end Automation testing services ensuring desired user experience.

Specialized Testing Services

Our Software QA Testers provide testing for the following

source code

Source Code Quality Assessment

Driven through code review process, SISAR quality management system and using various tools for static analysis, memory checks, performance analysis, security analysis, automated code review, unit testing and dashboard.

managed testing

Managed Testing Services

Includes Process consultancy, functional, system, integrated, user acceptance, performance, configuration, platform, business process and risk-based testing. Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for performance improvements


Test Metrics Reporting

Includes requirements traceability (to ensure 100% test coverage), defect density, test case effectiveness, productivity in test execution, defect removal efficiency, percent automatable, automation progress, percent of automated test coverage.


SOA Web Services Testing

Executed using SOAP UI and SISAR proprietary FISP framework, at component level in silos and then integrated into bigger components to ensure complete and comprehensive testing.

test data

Test Data Management

Performed using SISAR innovative proprietary solution to mask production database in the test environment to ensure that no data in contravention of regulatory requirements goes out to client environment

governance model

Governance Model

Quality center, rally and other tools are used to develop dashboards on test management to monitor projects for complete visibility and better governance for engagement.


DWBI Testing

Data warehousing applications are subject to ever-changing requirements, which can be business, regulatory and technology driven. At SISAR, we understand the vitality of Data warehouses. Thus the approach which SISAR follows is pragmatic, tuned in to real-time situations while at the same time adapting to indicate the exact status of the data warehouse to the business,

mobile testing

Mobile Testing

Mobile Application usage is continuing to explode and is an indelible part of the technology era. ASSIST ensures rigorous testing of application software developed for handheld mobile devices for functionality, usability and consistency including Device, application and network testing. From performance to user experience, we exactly perceive what the end-client desires. 

cloud saas app testing

Cloud /SAAS Application Testing

Cloud/SAAS is here to stay which is why it is equally important to ensure seamless and robust testing in this front. ASSIST takes a holistic approach to Cloud/SAAS application testing, assessing security, performance, functionality and reliability of infrastructure services and cloud-based applications. We examine a number of layers such as software application, database, server performance and network connection to name some.

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